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Packing for Europe

Packing for Europe will depend on the time of year and the activities you have planned. Here are some general packing tips

Clothing: Many cities in Europe, especially Italy and France are known for its fashion, so you might want to bring some nice outfits if you plan on going out to dinner or attending any formal events. Pack lightweight clothing for the summer months, and warmer layers for the cooler months. Comfortable shoes are also a must, as you’ll likely be doing a lot of walking.

  1. Accessories: Sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen are essential items for sunny days. You may also want to bring a scarf or shawl for covering your shoulders when visiting churches or other religious sites.

  2. Camera: Bring a camera or smartphone with a good camera is also recommended, as there will be many opportunities for stunning photos.

  3. Sun protection: many southern countries can get quite hot and sunny, especially during the summer months. Make sure to pack sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

  4. Adapter and converter: check the countries you are traveling to. Not all European countries use the same adaptors. The Saunorch Universal International Travel Power Adaptor is a good option when traveling through different European countries.

  5. Travel documents: Don’t forget to pack your passport, travel documents, and any necessary visas.

  6. Some phrases for the destination you are visiting. If you don’t speak the language, it’s a good idea to bring a phrasebook or download a language app to help you communicate with locals. Duolingo is a fun and easy language app if you want to learn a few phrases

  7. Mobile Phone – Check with your provider for their rules/prices for international calling

  8. Charging Cords and Ear Plugs

  9. Toiletries: Bring your own toiletries, including any medications you need, as they may not be available in Italy.

  10. Cash and cards: Make sure to have some cash and credit/debit cards with you, as not all places accept cards and some may require cash payments.


  1. Overpacking: Overpacking can result in heavier luggage, higher shipping costs, and difficulty in transporting your items. Pack only what you need, and consider using packing cubes or compression bags to maximize space.

  2. Underpacking: Underpacking can result in lost or damaged items. Make a packing list and double-check that you have everything you need before leaving.

  3. Not securing items: Fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper and secured in place with tape or packing peanuts. Failure to do so can result in broken items during transit.

  4. Ignoring weight restrictions: Airlines and shipping companies often have weight restrictions for luggage and packages. Make sure you know the weight limits and stick to them.

  5. Not labeling items: Labeling your luggage or boxes can help ensure that they are delivered to the correct location. Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number.

  6. Not checking TSA regulations: If you are flying, be sure to check the TSA regulations for prohibited items. Failure to do so can result in confiscated items or delays at security checkpoints.

  7. Not planning for customs: If you are shipping items internationally, be sure to research the customs regulations and fill out the necessary paperwork. Failure to do so can result in delays or even the seizure of your items.

By avoiding these packing mistakes, you can save time, money, and frustration during your travels or shipments.

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